NEWSLETTERS – Powerful Loyalty Builders

When your company decides to produce and distribute a newsletter, it is making a decision to grow sales and strengthen relationships with its customers.

Here are some reasons why newsletter marketing is such a powerful way to reach your customers:

• Information. What better way to keep your customers informed about the happenings at your company, or in your industry, than through a newsletter? From new launches to special offers, a newsletter provides the ideal format to share a variety of information in one place. And if you’re sending a newsletter on a regular basis, your customers will look forward to receiving these timely updates.

•  Relationship. Your customers receive a large volume of mail every day. As they thumb through each piece, they are looking for things that were sent by someone they know. If your newsletter is sent on a regular schedule, your customers will come to expect it and even anticipate its arrival. Mailing a newsletter on a regular basis will remind your customers that you are the company they can trust to meet their needs.

•  Retention. Maintaining a customer can be difficult work. Building a newsletter that is intentional about letting your customers know you value them and their business is essential. As you create your newsletter, think about the customer’s perspective. Your customers are asking, “What’s in it for me?” So why not give them an answer? Structure your newsletter in such a way that you are always pointing out how the news you are sharing can benefit your customers.

Whatever kind of newsletter your company needs, our printing firm is equipped to produce it. Give us a call or stop in and talk to one of our customer-service representatives today! – #1 in printing, direct mail, graphic design, social media, marketing services – 318.868.3351

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