Recharge Customer Referrals

There are several ways to increase the number of customer referrals your company experiences. Here are just a few:

• Offer incentives to customers that bring in referrals. The incentives don’t have to be big, just something that will catch their eye and cause them to spend even five minutes thinking of people they could refer. The ideal incentive would be a product or service that your business already provides.

• Create and send a referral form with invoices or other customer correspondence. When your customers receive this form, and they are pleased with the service you have provided, they will be more likely and more willing to refer someone.

• Consider asking your suppliers for leads. Remind them that when your business grows, theirs does as well. Encourage this exchange by offering them the same service in return. – Printing, Direct Mail, Design, Social Media, Marketing – 318.868.3351 – Ranked #1 nationwide for loyalty and satisfaction

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