The Power of Customer Testimonials

Testimonial letters are a very powerful benefit to your business. They give you the opportunity to showcase specific reasons why you are different from your competition, and customers appreciate the reassurance that others in their situation have been pleased with your product or service.

To build a portfolio of testimonial letters, you must first determine who your most satisfied customers are.

Figure out the best way to get in touch with these customers—perhaps some prefer a phone call over an e-mail.

Ask them to send you a letter describing what makes your company valuable and special to them.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your company’s name in a letter from a happy customer.

Be sure to ask the customer if they are willing to let you use any quotes about your company in your marketing materials.

Such personal testimonies will go a long way in convincing prospects to consider using your company. – 318.868.3351 – Ranked #1 in loyalty & satisfaction – Leading provider in PRINT, DIRECT MAIL, DESIGN, SOCIAL MEDIA, MARKETING SERVICES.

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