Postcards: Simple Yet Effective Marketing

Postcard marketing remains one of the most cost-effective means of getting your name and message in front of prospective buyers. With a postcard, you can target your message to only those customers and prospects who are most likely to want your services.

Postcards can come in a variety of sizes. Standard-sized postcards offer just the right amount of space for your message. Jumbo postcards are an effective way to spread your message because they stand out, get attention, and offer more space for your important messages. Here are some more great reasons why postcards should be included in your marketing plan:

Postcards are convenient. Your message is right in front of your customers. They can read your offer and find out about a sale without having to open an envelope. In addition, they are able to refer back to your postcard at any time, and save it for future reference.

They’re inexpensive. Printing costs for postcards are small, considering the large impact they can have on buyers.

They’re easy to test. Because they’re so inexpensive, postcards are a great medium for testing the effectiveness of your messaging. Start by sending postcards to a small sampling of your mailing list. When you’re satisfied with the results, have more printed and spread out from there.

• They’re easy to track—especially if you include a coupon or special offer on the card.

• They make a lasting impression. How many TV or newspaper ads do you remember after just one viewing? The reason we forget most conventional ads is because they’re a distraction, not the main focus of our attention. A jumbo postcard has staying power. It leaves a more lasting impression because of its size, its content (especially if it includes a coupon or special offer), and its simplicity. Contact us today about printing postcards for your company. – Ranked #1 for loyalty & satisfaction among printers nationwide – 318.868.3351

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