Importance of Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are a great way to reinforce the quality of your products and services. They can also influence the decision-making process of new prospects. When it comes to trying a new product or service, opinions from actual people who have experienced your products or services firsthand are the most trusted form of advertising and promotion. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of using testimonials:

  • Start asking! Many businesses feel embarrassed or don’t have time to ask for testimonials, but the rewards of positive reinforcement by far outweigh the time you spent asking for them.
  • Suggest specific topics for customers to write about. For example, why did they choose you over the competition? Have them list a few of your strengths. Or get them to talk about what part of your product or service they liked best, how you were the best value or saved them money, how helpful your customer service and communication skills are, or something similar.
  • In addition to offering details, ask for one concise statement that sums up their experience with your business. Then use that statement as a stand-alone quote.
  • Use specific names and locations in testimonials to add credibility. For example, if your business markets to other businesses, be sure to use their name, title, business name, and location. Consider adding their company logo or a link to their website.
  • Get people talking. In addition to static testimonials, encourage customers to post reviews or talk about your company via social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and product review portions of your website.
  • Utilize your testimonials in relevant areas of your website, on brochures, in direct mail pieces, and throughout your marketing.
  • Focus on quality, not quantity. Descriptive, quality testimonials will garner much more trust than generic, one-line quotes. And remember, gathering testimonials is an ongoing process, so don’t rush your customers to respond either, or your responses may suffer as well.

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