Try Before You Buy

What better way to offer a glimpse into your quality products, services, and support than with a risk-free trial or evaluation? Depending on your product, a free trial is not only an effective marketing tool to increase interest and expand your customer base, but it also helps establish rapport with potential customers and shows them your product or service is valuable and worth purchasing. Here are a few tips for offering a free trial:

  • Set a clear time frame for your trial offer, such as a 30 or 60-day evaluation period.
  • Consider a first-time discount if the user decides to purchase from you, as well as a referral program that offers coupons with a trial to pass along to friends.
  • Avoid scaring away potential customers by asking only for necessary information when signing up for the free trial.
  • Don’t spam those who provide information. Offer an option to sign up for promotions if they are interested.
  • Notify users before the trial ends to avoid sharp cutoffs or automatic billing.
  • Lastly, think of a free trial program as a way to improve your products or services. You can gain valuable feedback from those who choose not to purchase from you.

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