Why Your Business Needs a Portfolio

When many people think of a portfolio, they think about job hunting. However, portfolios can be a valuable tool for any type of business. A portfolio can not only help you showcase your products and marketing efforts, but it can also help you organize your achievements, such as special certifications, awards, letters of recognition, thank you letters, customer testimonials, and more. In addition, a company portfolio can be a great training tool for new employees, merging businesses, or joint ventures with other organizations. Here are a few tips for creating a company portfolio you can be proud of:

  • Designate one person in your company to be in charge of your company portfolio.
  • Consider inserting documents or photos into plastic sleeves or pockets in a three-ring binder. Not only are the pages protected, but they can also be reorganized.
  • Use labeled tab dividers to organize by date and/or topic.
  • Include original documents and marketing materials whenever possible, and do not write on the documents themselves. Instead, insert a piece of paper to highlight the date or write other notes.
  • Keep separate binders for news articles, advertisements, promotional materials, certifications, awards, etc.
  • Create a marketing binder that highlights all of your print materials, from simple, one page product flyers to product catalogs. This is also a great way to keep track of previous promotions, past products, and messaging.
  • Create a reminder in your calendar to update your portfolio regularly (monthly or quarterly) so information doesn’t fall by the wayside.

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