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Advertising & promoting actually does work!

Every year in Shreveport, LA, the Mardi Gras season (Feb) is celebrated with lots of parades – the biggest of them being the Krewe of Centaur and Krewe of Gemini parades. These 2 parades have a long route through Shreveport and attracts thousands of parade visitors.

A few of our employees are members of these 2 krewes.

This Saturday, owner Macy Flash and production manager Tina Tomasek are riding on float #21 Bayou Beaus & Babes in the Centaur parade.

Tina and I decided yesterday to do something fun to draw attention to our participation in this popular community event, as well as use our Facebook fan page, Twitter page and email marketing to see if we could garner some interest.

Sooooo, we created a simple sign (see below) with our name and logo on top and “Throw Me Something, Mister!” on the bottom. This is a popular phrase from the New Orleans parades where folks yell it to the floats to get them to throw the folks on the sidewalk beads, toys, cups, etc. We made our sign bright, neon orange.

We sent out emails to all our local friends and we posted it on Facebook and Twitter (“come get your free sign, hold it up to float #21 this Sat, and we’ll throw u something!), and they came.

We only printed 200 and we’re almost out!

The cool thing about this exercise was that sometimes the old formula works – all you have to do is advertise and promote.

Now granted, these signs were free, but it was still a cool thing to put “out there” to current and prospective clients…just trying to be the printer in Shreveport that takes things to the next level!


Free Mini Profile Cards

Late last year, we told folks that if we got to 1,000 fans or followers on Facebook or Twitter, we’d give everyone 250 free mini profile cards. Well, we didn’t get to 1,000, but we decided to still honor the promotion.

So, if you’re a current fan/follower, please visit http://www.ParagonPressFreeProfileCards.com to get your 250 FREE MINI PROFILE CARDS…no strings attached! Offer expires 2/19/10.

If your friends sign up with us on Facebook or Twitter – they’ll also get FREE MINI PROFILE CARDS…so spread the word!

If you have questions, you can visit us at http://www.ParagonPress.net!