NOTEPADS – Great Marketing Tool

Have you been looking for a creative marketing tool that can increase awareness about your business and benefit your customers at the same time? Look no further … notepads may be the perfect solution to this unique marketing challenge.

Notepad Store

Every business dreams of having their customers promote their company. This dream can easily come true with customized notepads.

Customized notepads not only increase awareness about your business, they are a fun promotion that your customers will enjoy using.

Think about how often you use notepads to jot down notes to coworkers or family members, capture random thoughts, or even make grocery lists. Now imagine that your notepad, with your company’s logo and sales message, is being used like that several times a day, and possibly even being passed along to other people. All of those notes add up to a powerful marketing agent for your company.

So how do you determine what kind of notepad you’d like to use to represent your business?

Notepads offer a lot of creative freedom. They can vary in sizes, shapes, colors, paper textures, and graphics. Notepads can range anywhere from a typical 8-1/2” x 11” lined memo pad, to a smaller 4-1/4” x 5-1/2” scratch pad. They can be designed to portray the personality of your business, or promote a functional use, such as “To-Do List” or “Shopping List.”

If you’d like some more creative ideas on how to use notepads as a promotional tool for your business, stop by and talk with one of our customer service representatives. Not only can they show you examples of various styles of notepads, they can help you determine what kind of notepad would best promote your business.

So go ahead, write “order notepads” on your to-do list. And hopefully, before long, your customers will be jotting down notes on your company’s classy, customized notepads … thinking of your great service or product every time. – #1 in Shreveport, LA for printing, direct mail, graphic design, social media, marketing services. 318-868-3351

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