ENVELOPES – Be Sure Your Mail Gets Opened!

The post office handles nearly 200 billion pieces of mail each year. If you want your mailing to stand apart from the crowd, start with the envelope.

The envelope is much more than simply a means of sending communication. It creates a valuable first impression of your business, and also sets the expectation for the contents. Is it an invitation, a bill, business mail, or a surprise to be anticipated?

The more convincing and enticing the envelope, the more likely it is to be opened.

In addition to the design and color selection of your envelope, here are a few creative envelope ideas to ensure that your mailings get opened.

• Envelope Size. Large or oddly shaped envelopes (such as square shapes) draw more attention and get better response rates. The goal is to make it to the top of your recipient’s mail stack.

• Paper Type. The type of paper you select, together with creative design, can add a sense of quality to fit with your brand and target audience. For example, envelopes made from recycled paper depict you are environmentally conscious, while translucent envelopes provide a glimpse of your creativity.

• Windows. While windows are often used solely to show the recipient’s address, they can also be used creatively to link the envelope with the contents. Perhaps try various shapes and sizes on one or either side of the envelope.

• Envelope Teaser. Generate interest with a provocative statement. Effective teaser copy is compelling and entices the recipient to open your envelope.

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