The Power of MEMOS

Whether they’re sent to a digital or physical in-box, memos still play an important role in the daily communications of most companies. Before you hit “send” or fill your coworkers’ in-boxes, take a moment to decide if a memo best serves your needs. If a face-to-face meeting would be quicker than sending a memo, or if you have a lot to say, then hold a short meeting instead.

If you do decide a memo will be the best course of action, here are some ways you can make sure your memos are accomplishing their goals:

• Include the date, the recipient’s name, and your name at the top of every memo you send.

• Begin with a sentence explaining the memo’s purpose.

• Keep the memo short. Use active verbs and only include information vital to understanding the meaning of the memo. If you think you’ll need to explain in greater detail what you are writing about, include a request for a meeting.

• Conclude the memo with a call for action. If you want the recipient to contact you or to save the memo, put those instructions in the memo. Even if no action is required, make sure you mention that, too.

• Save a copy of the memo for your files. This way, you will have something to refer to when someone has a response or a question about the memo. – #1 in Shreveport, LA for printing, design, direct mail, marketing – 318.868.3351

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