Color Copies – A Great Alternative

We live in an on-demand business world. More is expected of us in less time than ever before. One way to ensure your printing remains up to speed in this whirlwind ride is through the prudent use of color copying.

Color copies are terrific tools for a variety of applications. Postcards, newsletters, brochures, even business cards … virtually any type of printing can now be done on a color copier, with surprisingly strong results. In some cases, graphics reproduce so sharply on a color copier that they are difficult to distinguish from process color pieces produced on a standard printing press.

Such results are prompting more and more companies to turn to color copies for many of their smaller projects that don’t require large print runs. Say, for example, you’re creating handouts for a small trade show, or customized product literature geared toward a very focused target group. Having those marketing materials reproduced on a color copier might save you time and money. Here’s why: The unit cost for traditional printing decreases significantly as the quantity ordered increases, which is good for large projects. But the setup costs involved in printing on the press make producing small projects more expensive than they need to be. With a color copier, there are no setup costs, so small projects can be completed for much less money.

This same economic reality has made it possible to add color in all kinds of interesting places. Let us suppose you’ve put together a presentation for an important prospect, or you want to include some high-quality color graphics in a single RFP or in your corporate portfolio. Before color copiers, such things didn’t make fiscal sense. Now, they do.

In the same way, you might want to test a few different versions of your company’s brochure to see which one draws the best response, before committing to a run of several thousand. Or maybe you want to create industry-specific literature that touches on different value points for every segment of your audience. For all of these, color copies are the way to go.

Our printing firm is equipped with the latest in color-copying equipment, and our staff has the knowledge and experience to create incredible color copies for your company. Ask us about color copies today! – #1 in printing, direct mail, graphic design, social media, marketing services – 318.868.3351.

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