Revive Your Old Manuals

While manuals can serve as one of the single most important sources of company information, they may also be one that is most frequently overlooked.

Why do most manuals lack readership? Simply put … manuals are notoriously boring. But for companies in the know, creative manuals are quickly becoming a popular trend.

Manuals are created for a variety of purposes, including company products and service manuals, pricing manuals, and employee policy and procedure manuals. No matter what their purpose, successful manuals must first be organized, easy to read, and well designed. But above all, they need to be interesting, timely, and specific to your company’s needs.

But how can all of this be accomplished? Remember that you have the power to make your company’s manuals as creative and interesting as you choose. Making the context more invigorating will serve to bring the content to life. Try using a nontraditional size or layout, bright ink colors, or varying paper weights, colors, and textures to add new life to the pages.

Just think of the possibilities for manuals that creatively display company products and services to act as persuasive visual guides for your customers. Not only will they demand attention with their important written information, they can also be used as a powerful marketing tool which has the ability to sell products and services for you.

Or consider the impact of breathing new life into employee manuals. These manuals are vital communications tools within any company, ensuring that employees have accurate and consistent information about their employment conditions. But outdated manuals garner no attention, so important policies may go unread and unheeded.

If it’s time to update or overhaul your manuals, but you are worried it will be a complex project, stop by and ask for help. We can inspire you with various examples of manuals, give you organizational ideas, and produce the perfect manual to meet your company’s needs. – 318.868.3351 –


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