Full-Color Printing Makes a Great Impression

When you sit down with a blank sheet of paper in front of you, does your vision for filling that page include color? Whether that page is meant to inform, invite, or inspire, it will make the greatest impression if it is printed in full color.

Black-and-white printing works for certain things—text documents and photographs. But full-color printing is the best way to make the right impression. Here are some reasons why:

• It’s more professional. If you’re trying to sell your company’s products or services, choosing full-color printing for marketing materials and business cards shows your prospective customers you’re a company that’s worth doing business with. It can help to add legitimacy to your company that will make people more likely to consider doing business with you.

• Printing in full color grabs attention. If you’re standing at a bulletin board or sifting through a pile of mail and there are five items, four of them in black and white and one of them in full color, it’s a given that your eyes will be drawn to the one that’s been done in color. You can write a solid brochure, flyer, or newsletter, but if it doesn’t get someone’s attention, it won’t make a difference.

• Pictures will look better. While of course you can add pictures in black and white, color pictures are more crisp and true to life. Oftentimes when you print a picture in black and white, you end up with an image that’s almost impossible to make out. Full-color printing can help prevent this problem.

One thing that may deter you from choosing color over black and white is cost. You may assume that it’s much more expensive to print in color than it is in black and white. In some cases, that’s true. However, as technology has changed, new dyes and methods have been created that can allow you to choose color without adding a great cost to the project.

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