Radio Advertising TIPS

Has your company considered breaking into radio marketing?

Here are some things to consider before you take your business to the airwaves:

• Skip the details. In other words, keep the script as simple as possible. Use your airtime to generate excitement, not weigh listeners down with details. Reserve the details for your direct-mail marketing program.

• Forget rush hour. Instead, buy some time in the mornings or at midday. While rush hour may seem like the optimum time to advertise, your potential rush-hour audience members are more than likely in a hurry, have other things on their minds, and are less inclined to listen to advertising. You’ll get more airtime, and more attentive listeners for your money, if you stay away from rush hour.

• Buy when the market is soft. The first quarter tends to be a less expensive time to advertise, and a great time to lock in some quality airtime.

• More is better when it comes to radio ads. Your customers need to hear your ad a minimum of three times a week before it really makes an impression. In radio advertising, quantity is often more important than quality.

• Believe it or not, you may be able to keep your production costs very low. If you know what you want your ad to say, many radio stations will produce your ads for free, and possibly send them on to competing stations as a service to you. – 318.868.3351


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