Business Stationery – LETTERHEAD

What better way to get ready for the new year than updating the look of your letterhead? Everyone knows how important first impressions are, and your business stationery plays a big part in that process. You don’t even need to make a complete overhaul of what you use currently: something as simple as adding a splash of color or even choosing a more modern font can help breathe new life into your company’s image.

Here are just a few examples of how a fresh, new company letterhead can work for you:

Creates a Brand: A well-designed logo or letterhead makes a memorable, long-lasting impression. Think of your favorite soft drink, and imagine holding a can or bottle of it in your hand; can you picture it? Of course! That’s good design: recognizable, distinctive, and, if used effectively, creating a lasting, nearly indelible impression on your customers.

Highlights Professionalism: An updated, more modern letterhead can be just the thing to attract new customers while reassuring current customers that you are still on top of your game. A well-designed letterhead speaks volumes about your company: its professionalism, its respectability, its desirability as a business partner.

Promotes Your Product: Once you have your letterhead designed, you can start using it on everything: incorporating it into faxes, business cards, even mailing labels. These catch the eye and work as mini-advertisements, keeping your business at the front of everyone’s mind.

Of course, a smart business-owner always keeps an eye on the bottom line, so if you like the idea of updating your company stationery but are concerned about the cost, think again. If you order in bulk, you can splurge a little on a really great design. Ordering in bulk means each piece of paper costs less in the long run, which adds up to long-term savings for you. Remember, you’re not just paying for paper, you’re investing in creating your own business brand. – 318.868.3351 – PRINT. MAIL. DESIGN. MARKETING. – Ranked #1 for loyalty & satisfaction among printers nationwide!

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