Creating an Effective Comment Card

Feedback is an essential tool for gauging how well you’re doing in the minds and hearts of your customers. Unfortunately, most people will not tell you how they feel about your company unless you ask. And, if they’re disappointed, they may even go somewhere else without saying a word. Printed comment cards, feedback forms, and surveys help you keep your customers coming back.

• Keep it simple. The goal of your feedback form should be to obtain the most specific and relevant information possible, without overwhelming the consumer. An overly in-depth questionnaire or survey may intimidate or put customers off.

• Mix it up. Don’t limit yourself to just one kind of question. Instead, present a mixed balance. Include multiple-choice style questions (rate the following from 1-5, would you agree with the following statement, etc.), along with more open-ended questions that allow the customer to elaborate on their answers.

• Make it easy to find. Include a printed feedback/comment form with every order you deliver. Create a display in your lobby where customers can find, fill out, and return your comment forms. Ask your customers to fill out the forms every time they buy from you.

• Share the results. Post comments in a common area, such as a break room or bulletin board, where employees can see and read what customers have to say. Include both positive and negative feedback where appropriate.

• Follow through. Follow up on every comment you receive, both good and bad. Thank your customers for their candor and honesty, answer any questions they might have, and let them know how you plan to resolve any problems they encountered along the way with your company.

• Use a knowledgeable printer. The staff at our printing firm is well equipped to help you determine the best layout and format to receive customer feedback. – 318.868.3351 – Ranked #1 in loyalty & satisfaction – PRINT. MAIL. DESIGN. MARKETING.

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