Brochures: Information in Your Customers’ Hands

Information is power. The right information—in the right hands at the right time—can prove instrumental in retaining a customer, telling your story, or closing a sale. So how can you convey the information you need to share in a compelling and readable way? Start with a brochure.

Brochures offer a concise, cost-effective means of sharing information with the people who work for and do business with your company. Whether introducing a new product or service to customers, explaining an important benefit to coworkers and employees, offering a special promotion to prospects, or giving a general overview of your company to potential investors, few marketing pieces provide the versatility and value of a well-produced brochure.

Start with the basics. When planning a brochure, decide up front the overall purpose and goals. Who are you trying to reach, and what are you trying to say?

Think about your audience. What makes them tick? What would compel them to pick up your brochure? And how is the information your brochure contains going to impact the decisions they make?

Be complete. Come up with a list of talking points—key benefits, new features, top selling points, etc.—you think belong in the brochure. Then refer to these items when crafting the content and deciding what to include.

Keep it simple. While it’s important to be thorough (see above), it’s equally vital to keep your content concise and readable. Sidebars, bulleted lists, and headlines are all effective ways to make your content sing. Don’t overwhelm your readers with a lot of unnecessary verbiage. Clean, compact content is far more effective than long, flowery prose.

Focus on the image you’re trying to convey. While content is important, so, too, is graphic design. It’s what your audience will see—and react to—as they consider your brochure. Involve your designer in the initial brainstorming process, so he or she is acutely aware of your goals and aspirations.

If you’re not sure how to proceed with your next brochure project, give us a call. The graphic experts at our printing firm are always here to help. – Ranked #1 in loyalty & satisfaction among printers nationwide! 318.868.3351

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