Catalogs & Manuals: Info at Your Fingertips

Whether you are looking for an effective way to display information about the products your company can offer or answer important questions about company policies and procedures, catalogs and manuals can do the talking for you.

By equipping your employees, prospects, and customers alike with catalogs and manuals, you empower them with the ability to easily find important information and make informed decisions. Here are a few points to consider when creating your next catalog or manual:

Think about your audience. What do they want to learn more about? Include a helpful yet concise question-and-answer section for frequently asked questions.

Be informative. Provide detailed information, product photos, policy guidelines, etc., as well as contact information or a link to your website for more information should questions arise.

Be consistent. Portray a consistent brand image through the use of your company logo and corporate colors that is visible through all print materials, website, etc.

Include an order form for convenience. Even though most actual ordering is done by phone or on the company’s website, many shoppers like to use the printed order form to list and organize their purchases before placing an order. This will also benefit your business, since orders can be placed more accurately and efficiently.

Don’t be afraid to cross-sell between products. By suggesting companion products in product copy and callouts, or by placing companion products together on the page, you can increase sales five to 15 percent.

Be clear. High-resolution images are very important when depicting products or services that customers can’t see or touch.

Simplicity is key. Use no more than two or three fonts throughout the document, and use the same style of text consistently for product names, descriptions, etc. Also, keep text spacing and placement next to images consistent.

Take it online. Consider offering your catalog or manual online so readers can encourage friends or coworkers to download a convenient PDF version. You should also provide information on how to request additional copies.

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