Customized Envelopes

Customized Envelopes

You send mail on a regular basis. Are the envelopes you’re using sending the right message and strengthening your brand? Here are some tips for creating customized envelopes that get opened:

• Identity. Mail is more likely to be opened if the receiver sees your corporate identity.

• Lasting impression. Customized envelopes create memorable impressions. Think about the last truly creative envelope you received and see if you can remember where it was from.

• Variety. All envelopes are not equal. They can be ordered in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and types of paper to make your mailings unique.

• Attention-getting. Use teaser copy to create interest for the recipient, and to compel them to open the envelope immediately.

• Sneak peak. You can save money by using customized window envelopes and including the address on the letter or response device instead of printing it on the envelope.

• Graphics. Many people expect to see more than just words on paper. Spice it up with some colorful graphics to make your envelope stand out in a pile of mail.

• Another glimpse. Messages peeping through windows gain additional attention, allowing the reader a glimpse at your story before they dive inside.

• Both sides. Three out of four people who touch your envelope will flip it over before opening it … so why not use the back of your envelope, too?

• Be different. Do something unusual, such as printing your envelopes upside down, and see how many people comment., PRINT. MAIL. DESIGN. SOCIAL MEDIA. MARKETING. 318.868.3351

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